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Strands of Presentations

Empowering ALL Students (Circle)Historical and Social Sciences

How do we guide students to see history through multiple perspectives, and see continuity and change?

Technology and Innovation (Circle)Strengthening Democracy

How do we prepare all students to participate in 21st century American democracy?

Information and Media Literacy (Circle)Technology & Innovation

How do we empower our learners through technology integration? 

Leadership and Learning (Circle)Leadership and Advocacy

How do we strengthen K-12 involvement in social studies through teacher/student advocacy, and professional leadership?

Sessions topics could include social studies practices, enduring issues, historic anniversaries that coincide with 2019, geography, economics, and other social sciences.
Session topics could include active citizenship, freedom of speech, privacy, 1st Amendment, media literacy, cultural responsiveness, Social Studies for English Language Learners.

Session topics could include training sessions on apps/software, websites, games, and assessment tools.

Session topics could include strategies for teaching elementary social studies, taking informed action with students, SS professional development for teachers with leadership roles in mind (local, state, and national SS councils).

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